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Saxophone and organ? That raises curiosity. Frank Lunte and Henning Münther took their audience in the St. Nicolai Church by surprise with a virtuoso combination of two instruments that - at first glance - do not seem to match, but that - on second hearing -should never again be separated.
Stefanie Reen, Eckernförder Zeitung, 29 July 2010


Numerous listeners experienced a breath-taking concert in the St. Nicolai Church in Eckernförde on Tuesday night. With his conspicuously distinctive, wonderfully golden sound and masterly technique, Frank Lunte conjured a magical atmosphere of coziness from his instrument. Henning Münther’s interpretation of the toccata for organ by Léon Boëllmann featured eminent skill and well-matched registers. ... François Borne’s Fantasie brillante on famous arias from Bizet’s opera Carmen proofed to be a virtuoso and astonishing display of agile and sparkling dexterity.

Werner Bodendorff, Kieler Nachrichten, 29 July 2010


The visitors to the St. Bartholomäus Church in Dornheim could be expecting something unique: not just the combination of saxophone and church organ is unusual but to hear popular melodies as „Summertime“ from Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin or „Tonight“ from Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story of the duo was an enjoyment, too. Longstanding ovations at the end of the concert were rewarded by several encores.
Jürgen Frey, Thüringer Allgemeine, 2 July 2010


At their New Year’s Eve concert, Henning Münther and Frank Lunte masterly gave their audience pure enjoyment.

Udo Stephan Köhne, Mindener Tageblatt, 1January 2010


An alto saxophonist wows his audience.

Frank Gottschald, Allgemeine Zeitung Bad Kreuznach, 11 August 2009


The saxophone/organ concert in the Nikolai church Plön had a high appeal not just for the popularity of the performed music but also due to the attractiveness of sound and suppleness, which Frank Lunte presented on his alto saxophone – elegance in the church.

Enno Neuendorf, Lübecker Nachrichten, 27 July 2009


Frank Lunte and Henning Münther presented the compositions in quick succession and ended officially with Aram Khachaturian's Adagio and Sabre Dance, which was performed brilliantly by both soloists. However, the audience wouldn’t let them go but for encores and were rewarded with two more pieces which were musically far from formal and academic but relaxed and easy-going. What a matching finale!
Udo Stephan Köhne, Mindener Tageblatt, 14 August 2007


Two artists offerd a perfect performance.

Doris Moßner, Seite an Seite, March 2006